Recorder's Association of Nevada


We don't like to reject!​ We strictly follow all applicable State, Federal and Local laws and only reject documents that do not meet statutory requirements. We only want to do the best job we can to ensure the security, longevity and integrity of all the documents recorded under our watch. However, should your document be rejected, these are the most common reasons:

  • Incorrect Fees
  • Insufficient Space for Recording Label
  • Grantee’s Mailing Address

            -All documents relating to real property must have the mailing address of the grantee or the requestor

  • Mail Tax Statements To

            -All documents that convey real property must contain the name and address of the person responsible

  • Original Signature

            -The signature(s) on all documents submitted for recording and Declaration of Value forms must be original ink

  • Printed Name Under Signature

           -Names of all parties signing are to be typed or printed beneath original signatures.

  • Non-Standard Document – subject to Non-Standard Fees
  • Incorrect County or State
  • Declaration of Value is Missing or Incomplete

          -Additional documentation may be necessary
          -Any declared value of less than $100.00 requires supporting documentation (purchase agreement, sales contract, etc.)

  • Improper/Missing Notarization

          -Documents must be properly acknowledged or proven

  • Exemption Claimed Does Not Qualify

         -The exemption declared on the Declaration of Value form does not qualify for the document as prepared. 

  • Missing or Incomplete Legal Description
  • Legibility - needed for permanent record preservation!

         -Please either resubmit a cleaner copy  or  with a legibility notice signed and dated.

  • Metes & Bounds Legal Description, if needed
  • Missing APN (Assessor’s Parcel Number)
  • Missing Certified Death Certificate

          -NRS 40.525, NRS 111.109, NRS 111.365, & NRS 440.380 

​Please note, we do not interpret documents or assist the Assessor in determining the validity of property transactions.